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Phone Australia 1900 Number Services

What Are 1900 & 1902 Numbers
These numbers can be used with your live operatorrecorded, fax Competition Services it just depends what you want to achieve from your service.

Below are 1900 numbers explained:

Phone Australia 1900 Numbers - The Caller is Charged a Tariff for the Call
A 1900 or 1902 number has a 'tariff' attached and the caller will be charged the amount you set for accessing your service.

These tariffs can be 'timed' (per minute) and range from $0.35 to $5.00 per minute, or they can be 'fixed' (per call) and range from $0.35 to $30.00 per call. This is a profit service and is generally used for live operator and expertise advice lines.

1900 & 1902 numbers can be accessed from anywhere in Australia, and can be swtiched to operators overseas if required. However a caller from overseas cannot access an Australia 1900 or 1902 number. These numbers can be accessed via mobile phones but this is dependent on the carrier (Optus, Telstra, Vodafone etc) and which plan the caller is on.

How does the Billing Process work for 1900 Numbers
Telstra controls the billing for 1900 & 1902 services and the caller is billed directly to their telephone account. After 1 month Telstra collects payment (including their share and bad debt) and then pays the service provider (Phone Australia). Phone Australia then pays the information provider as per the pre-determined agreement.

What is Telstra's Bad debt for 1900 numbers?
Provision for Caller Bad Debts is a percentage of the Gross Call Cost that is withheld to cover Caller non-payments. This provision is reconciled to actual on a monthly basis, twelve months later, and the difference refunded or invoiced to the Information provider accordingly. This percentage is subject to change based on industry trends.

What 1900 number prefixes are currently available?
Telstra currently has the following 1900 number formats (X being the variable number):

1900 9XX XXX
1902 9XX XXX
1902 2XX XXX

Please note all numbers are subject to availability.

For more information on 1900 numbers please visit our FAQ section 



Phone Australia can provide a complete service to compliment 1900 & 1902 numbers for your business, and can have them set-up in a matter of days.

To find out more information contact Phone Australia and select a number right for your business, please 
Contact Phone Australia



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